The Temporary Network, Inc.

A Permanent Solution to Your Staffing Needs

About Us

Mission Statement
We will build and maintain relationships with our clients and our applicants in order to create a strong bond that remains throughout the years. We want you to look to us when you have an employment need!

The Temporary Network, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality personnel to our clients. Employees are hired based on skill levels and we offer assistance in maintaining or improving those skills. We strive to meet and exceed our client's expectations by providing quality applicants, a timely and effective response, and exceptional customer service in the most cost effective manner possible.
Goals & Objectives
The Temporary Network, Inc. takes pride in the services we provide. As a Human Resource entity it is our duty to provide only the highest qualified applicants to our clients. We feel that the combination of exceptional customer service, one-on-one attention to both our clients and applicants, and competitive pricing will enable us to make this transition as seamless as possible for all parties.

         To provide qualified office personnel to businesses throughout the metro area, precisely matching our clients' needs to the highest qualified applicant. We are currently in contact with over 600 companies ranging from Boulder to Inverness.

        To have an ongoing system for recruiting employees ensuring the quality of the applicants. Advertising, resume' databases, networking, and word of mouth will all be enacted to take advantage of all possible employment opportunities.

        To provide our employees with assignments that meet their personal needs and objectives. The HR Coordinators are responsible for hiring applicants through means of resume' databases, advertising, networking, and referrals. A thorough screening process to establish the priorities and ideals of the applicant will be done on a daily basis.

        To keep communications viable with all clients and applicants in order to match the right candidate with the ideal assignment. Regular contact with clients and applicants will be maintained by the Temporary Network, Inc. to ensure communications are open. This encourages the customer service aspect in order to maintain growth.