The Temporary Network, Inc.

A Permanent Solution to Your Staffing Needs


We provide both short and long term temps. Generally, we can get a temp to you within a one to two hour period. If we cannot, we let you know as soon as possible. We do have a four-hour minimum for temp usage.
Our Temp -To-Hire program consists of a thirteen-week period (520 hours), in which the client has the opportunity to evaluate an applicant’s performance before committing to hire. After the applicant has worked for you for a total of 520 hours, that applicant can then officially become your employee and start immediately on your payroll. There are no fees whatsoever associated with this transfer for either the client or to the applicant. If for some reason a Temp-To-Hire applicant does not work out, we will at your option, offer you other qualified applicants. Any other applicant that you select will continue for the remainder of the 520 hours. If the client wishes to hire the applicant prior to the 520-hour completion, we will simply invoice you for the remaining time.
Direct Hire
An amount representing 20% of the applicant’s annual starting salary will be invoiced to the client and the candidate will become an immediate employee of said company. A one-time only replacement guarantee for a Direct-Hire employee will be offered. If the applicant leaves the company for any reason within the first 90 calendar days, we will replace that employee (same position only) with the applicant of your choice at no additional cost. If the client chooses not to replace the employee, The Temporary Network, Inc. will pro-rate the time the employee worked for the client.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against any of our applicants nor our employees because of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or veteran status or other legally protected classifications.