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Employee Questions
No, all fees are paid by our client companies.
The Temporary Network is a full-service agency providing office personnel in the Denver metro area. We provide administrative personnel in temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire positions. We work with all different categories from entry level clerical to executive levels.
Located centrally in Englewood, CO we service the Denver metro area with clients located anywhere between Boulder and Castle Rock and from Genesee to Aurora. We currently are in contact with over 600 companies.
The Temporary Network, Inc. offers you a thorough prescreening process, which gives us a better understanding of what you want! The interviewing and testing process generally takes half an hour to an hour. We explain your options to you and will not send you on an assignment that does not appeal to you. Our goal is to provide you with a position that will make you happy for the long term!
The majority of our clients utilize us for Temp-to-hire openings. This is an opening that ultimately can go permanent, however, it gives both you and the client company to "test the waters" and make sure it is ideal for both parties. The temp-to-hire is a 520 hour period and there are no guarantees - either you or the client may decide that it is not the best fit and choose to cancel the arrangement. It has been our experience that over 90% of the time the employee successfully converts to the client company's payroll.
We also offer Direct Hire options in which the applicant goes directly onto the client's payroll.
Yes! We do accept other agencies scores, however we do need a hard copy and it must be within the last 6 months. We do reserve the right to administer further testing if necessary.
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